About Us
Welcome to Farmers & Co, the gateway to the best coffee propositions out of the heart of Africa: Burundi. We are a marketing and sales office for Burundian coffee producers, promoting and facilitating direct sales of green beans. Using our vast knowledge of the geographies, economics and politics in the country we are able to get our clients the highest quality coffee at a very competitive price.

After a decade of increasing political and social stability the ever faster developing coffee sector in Burundi is in the process of liberalization. Previously government owned washing stations are being sold to private producers and new stations and mills are being built. Through the course of the coffee sector’s privatization and liberalization, Burundi has built stronger ties with the international market. This has allowed coffee growers to become more organized and form smaller cooperatives and private enterprises (linked directly to the washing stations). Combined with the blessings of volcanic soil, high altitudes and ideal temperatures, the circumstances to produce the highest quality coffee in Burundi are finally complete.

Top quality at a competitive price
Farmers & Co is directly involved in the process of quality control and selection, thus ensuring that we source the highest quality product for our clients. By rewarding the producers of higher grades with a premium we give them an incentive to maintain or even improve the quality of their product. Our specialized knowledge of both the country and production process helps us to keep the supply chain compact and efficient by delivering the product to our clients directly from the source. That way we maintain very competitive pricing while producers receive the premium they worked so hard for. It is our philosophy that by promoting and facilitating a marketplace where supply and demand can meet more directly than ever before, it is possible to offer very high quality coffee at a competitive price.

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