What we offer:
Our mission is to source the finest green beans from Burundi, offering you a range of specialty grades of Arabica, as well as commercial grades directly from origin. Although the majority of these coffees are conventional in terms of certification, some of our producers are UTZ certified. As most coffee producing countries, Burundi uses a screen size sorting system to indicate quality. In addition to selecting our farmers based on growing altitude, botanical variety and harvest practices, our millers are rigorously checked for consistent cup-quality.

Quality improvement projects
To ensure quality we have made wet-processed Arabica our primary focus, because we believe this method generally results in a cleaner and more consistent cup. This focus is reflected in our offerings, where the majority of coffee is ‘fully washed’. Currently we are making an effort to further improve the coffee quality of 3000 farmers in one particular community. By constructing a wet-mill located in the center of this Burundian farmer community we will be more involved in the production process. That enables an even better control on the post-harvesting process to ensure the product meets your requirements and expectations.

We currently offer the following grades:
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