In the Heart of Africa 


Already in love with the country, the amazing coffee and divers cup profiles , we saw an opportunity to improve on the marketing and subsequent export of green coffee.

Since then we have expanded our business, to neighbouring countries in East Africa and South America and diversified our product range.  For coffee and cocoa products (beans, butter, powder)

we remain predominantly focused on the specialty product.meaning different flavours, origins and new certifications. 

We market and sell the raw product directly to roasters, processors, distributors and specialty traders. It is there that we see we can deliver substantial volumes of high quality product at a competitive price, while still being able to make an impact on fairness towards producers.

Traditionally in Burundi, all the drums were made from a tree called Umuvugangoma, and in the time of the Kingdom, people used to plant these types of trees in the hills of Kavugangoma. Today you'll also find a washing station there, producing some of the finest Fully Washed Arabica of Burundi. The proud owner Kaderi is also a local environmental activist with a great love for his community and the ecosystem surrounding them. The washing station processes cherries from around the collines (hills) and care is taken to process coffee from each colline separately. This way coffee lots maintain flavors unique to the altitude, soil of the specific area they were planted, and the care given by the farmers that grow and harvest them. In addition, this washing-station is run with serious respect for nature.

​Cocoa has not been a main produce of Colombia for a long time. However, with all the right circumstances for growing the crop in place and a steadily growing global market for cocoa/chocolate, the development of cocoa production has become a priority for the country. The known reputation of high quality, a rising demand for slavery-free and certified cocoa and the very fertile soil and climate give Colombian cocoa a high potential on the global market. In various regions a percentage of coffee trees has been replaced by cocoa trees, diversifying produce and making communities less vulnerable to diseases and plagues in coffee production like "La Roya". We offer high quality cocoa from various regions bearing various certifications.

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