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About Farmers & Co

Our company is dedicated to sourcing, promoting and facilitating direct sales of high quality agricultural products from East Africa and Latin America.

With a strong preference for smallholders, we make it our priority to source high quality products in bulk volumes, facilitating sustainable and efficient market linkage. This way we invest in long term relationships that foster reciprocity, continuous improvements, traceability, and competitive prices. ​

Promoting good health and abundance from farm to fork

Join us in our exploration of food products that improve the wellbeing of those who produce them, as well as those who consume them

Specialty Coffee & Cocoa


In the “big world” of coffee and cocoa trade, we prefer to focus on the smaller origins and less famous growing regions. Bringing you special additions to your taste pallet, deserving of more attention in consumer markets. We connect you to farmers and processors with a passion for their crops, that consistently produce premium products, even when circumstances have been challenging due to environmental and or political factors.