Your gateway to the finest smallholder produce from East -Africa

Our company is dedicated to sourcing, promoting and facilitating direct sales of high quality agricultural products from East Africa.

With a strong preference for smallholders, we make it our priority to source high quality products in bulk volumes, facilitating sustainable and efficient market linkage.


We are a marketing and sales office for producers of coffee, cacao, tea, fruits and seeds, promoting and facilitating direct sales of qualitative crops from producing communities. Using our knowledge of the local geographies, socio-economics, we are able to get our clients the highest quality products at a very competitive price.

Our business is primarily driven by a passion for quality natural products and the beauty and passion of agricultural communities and life.

Through our boots on the ground approach, we always have a first person verification of the practices of our suppliers. First and fore most on the quality of the product, but also on the social and environmental context of those products.


We choose to collaborate with producers who share the love for natural product, grown and processed with utmost care, for the environment and respect for honest paid labor and prices.